Dealing with Life Transitions

We all experience several life transitions throughout our lives. What are life transitions? They are periods in life involving lots of change to your lifestyle. We experience them as children when we change grades and the requirements of the class are different. We go through them for school, careers, buying and selling homes, relationship beginning and endings, births and deaths and so on. Every event that requires you to change your lifestyle around is considered a life transition. Not everyone will experience all of them and many will not experience them the same way as we are all different people and handle situations differently.

Businesses go through transitions as well when they expand or downsize, implement new software, launching new products and even when they hire someone new. My focus though today isn’t on the business side. I am currently going through several transitions at once and it has been really overwhelming to make it through and to figure out the best way to survive the changes. I am finally coming out of the chaos so I wanted to share with you all what the transitions are and how I am handling it.

The biggest change is having my Father-in-Law stay with us for a while. He moved here from Michigan after having a rough time with his health. Once we were aware that this was a probably happening and not just a mere thought I got to planning how to make space for him.

Our apartment is large for just the three of us and our two dogs and so I had taken advantage of the extra space in our main room and created two rooms for my office long ago. I knew the space would be a little on the tight side for someone to really be comfortable but my office seemed to be the best place for us to set him up with his own space.

I first had to make a plan for what to do with EVERYTHING in my office. I started by dividing the stuff into two categories. Business and craft. I do a ton of crafting and I had kept it all in my office because it was the best logical place for me to have it. Once I did that I decided to make room in the living room to house the craft stuff. I love to get artsy while binge watching my latest Netflix tv show so this was now the most logical place for me to put it. I have a craft table and stand so I moved all my craft stuff to the living room. It looks organized to the untrained eye but I am lost trying to find what I need so tomorrow I will tackle that project!

The business stuff was trickier. My computer has some retarded problem getting the WiFi signal in my bedroom so I had previously kept it out of my bedroom (even though I love to get on at night) so that I didn’t have to figure out why my computer doesn’t like my room but I no longer had a choice. The only logical place for me to put my desk, computer and all my business stuff was in our very large bedroom. Finding the space for it wasn’t hard but getting the WiFi back here was tough. We ended up finding a solution and it works wonderfully now!

With the space cleared out I did a really good cleaning around the house so that it was very fresh when he got here. Keep in mind that I had about 2 months to get everything done but didn’t move anything till the weekend before he got here in case things ended up differently. I keep a very tidy home anyways so it wasn’t difficult to do a deep cleaning.

From there it was waiting for him to get here and then when he got here it was 3 days of getting him situated with his vehicle and all that good stuff that needs to get done right away. I normally am VERY scheduled and this past week I lived without a schedule so that I could be available to do what needed to get done. Today I feel like we are on track to getting a nice routine figured out here where everyone is comfortable and has what they need.

These transitions take a toll on our physical spaces but they can do a number on us mentally as well. I am a walking routine without a schedule. I do certain things on certain days but I do not always do them at the same time each day. l am incredibly anxious in general and making major changes really sets my anxiety off and no matter how much time I have to prepare and change habits that would be inconsiderate (walking around in my underwear at night when I can’t sleep and need a drink of water) there is a major toll that is taken on us when the change is finally happening.

I would like to think that I was really prepared to be done with school for now, change directions a bit in my professional career, add a member and his k9 companion to our coop and deal with the crushing financial obligations of life but I wasn’t totally prepared. I didn’t loose my mind but I did loose some hair…lol. I didn’t expect to MISS school but my education is SO important to me that it’s hard not to be striving for something in this area. I didn’t expect to feel like I was loosing my business because I didn’t have the time to sit at my computer long enough to write an email let alone market my business, keep up with social media, blog, and other stuff, but I did. I didn’t expect to be annoyed that I have to put pants on to leave my room in the middle of the night but I do…lol…All things that in my overwhelmed state seems so hard to handle.

Now that the dust is settling and I have recovered physically from the many physical/mental demands of moving someone I have discovered my time again and I am getting back on track and have several educational courses on my list! I am feeling more like myself and I didn’t even get mad at my pants last night when I put them on!! I am hoping to deal with my imposter syndrome next as that is my biggest challenge now that all the major transitions I was experiencing are handled.

If you are experiencing a life transition and feel overwhelmed and not sure what to do, it’s ok. You are not alone and you do not have to make these transitions alone. I have a certificate from NAPO for dealing specifically for life transitions. I can help you make adjustments to your home and any other areas of your life that are effected by the changes that are happening. I understand the up’s and down’s that happen and I am confident that I can help you get through it! Fill out my contact form for a free consultation to discuss your life transitions and how I can help you!!

Storage for Christmas!

I remember as a young girl helping my mom and sister pull boxes and boxes of stuff upstairs from the basement. The boxes where like a Christmas gift all on their own. With written labels that had been crossed out over and over again it was never a sure thing that what you see on the outside is what you will get in the inside. Include my families history of cruel present jokes that I happily continue for my family has led me to really not believe the contents of a box based on what is written on it. With the opening of each box it was like pulling magic out. The piles of stuff grew as the mystery boxes were emptied. The boxes were then returned to the basement and the decorations dispersed throughout the house creating wonderful memories that I cherish now.

I can’t say that I did much in the way of packing up Christmas but I do remember carrying the boxes back downstairs and each year the boxes grew heavier and it always seemed like I made an extra trip. After I moved out and had a couple kids of my own my mom called me and wanted to update her storage for her holiday stuff. She was calling on me only because I enjoyed projects like this and she didn’t want to do it and she knew she could easily entice me with babysitting and a fun project. Plastic bins to hold holiday gear had just emerged and was the latest trend. I remember shopping with my mom and getting so excited at the wreath holders and supersized totes for Christmas trees, ornament containers and tubs to hold the lights.

I loved that they were all colored green and red and that made it really easy to identify which bins where for Christmas. I also hated that the only clear bins they offered at the time were the ornament bins. The rest were solid and not see through making them only more durable but not any better then the boxes in my opinion. Over the years I have watched as the storage solutions for todays world has grown. I personally need to do some investing in some good storage solutions for my holiday things. We typically decorate for Halloween, Christmas, Easter, and the 4th of July.

We don’t have very much yet as we are still a new family but I want to prepare us for a little growth as I intend to increase my decorations on purpose a little each year. Prior to this year we stuck to the cheap things that could be easily parted with since we didn’t have the room to keep it. This year we have invested a little in our decorations warranting the need for adequate storage.

Christmas Lights are beautiful and really add to the magic of Christmas but storing them is easier then we think. Keep your lights, wire, and extension cords tangle-free with the Install N’ Store Light Storage Bag. We just invested in several new strands of lights because ours were in bad shape last year so this year I want to make sure that we do what we can to preserve our lights.

We also invested in new ornaments. Our previous balls were dented or broken, paint chipped and so on. We used to just toss them all in since dollar store ornaments hadn’t held any value to us but we invested in a slightly nicer set and these new ornaments deserve a protective home. I love this Snapware Snap ‘N Stack Square 3-Tier Seasonal Ornament Storage Container.

We bought a brand new Christmas tree also this year and I have been waiting for a new tree to invest in a container for it. Now that I have one I need my container. I love this Super Rigid Rolling Christmas Tree Storage Box. It makes moving the tree around so much easier and let’s face it, these trees are not exactly lightweight. This canvas style storage bag allows for flexibility which I will need because I don’t plan on taking the lights off the tree once I get them on. I want to be able to only have to partial disassemble the tree in order to put it away. I spent the last few years fitting the tree back into the original box and that took way too much time for my comfort zone. This will make it much easier and save me so much time.

Containing all the wrapping paper and accessories that are needed to wrap presents can all be stored easily in this Real SimpleĀ® Pop-up Gift Wrap & Ribbon Organizer. This pop up organizer holds so much and makes storing it for the rest of the year easy. I love that it so light and durable and can hold up to 15lbs of wrapping paper! The smaller pop up container holds all the smaller accessories and both zip tight for protection again dust, dirt and bugs.

Holiday dishes are another common tradition that my family at the moment doesn’t have but I found these canvas style storage boxes with a clear center to be great for storing other dishes. The Household Essentials Holiday Storage Boxes comes in a variety of sizes and can be bought for plates, bowls, and a variety of drinkware.

The Christmas wreath is another tradition that many of us hold near and dear and therefor we should also store them properly. The Whitmor Holiday Wreath Storage Bag is a great option for keeping the wreath safe from dust, dirt, and bugs. The canvas sides allow for flexibility when putting it away. I know I want my wreath to look amazing each year since it’s the first things everyone see’s when entering our home!

I love to use clear storage bins with red or green lids to hold all the other random items that vary in size. I use these large 64 qt size HOMZ Holiday Plastic Container Clear Storage Bin with Lid because I have a few large pieces and then I can fit the little pieces in the space left over and it works really well for my purposes. These types of containers come in a variety of sizes and even can be found in the round shape for items like wreaths and con be the Christmas solution your things need!


Welcome to Harmonizing Solutions, LLC! I am so excited to be starting this adventure and sharing it all with you! I hope that through my growth and experience that you will all learn and grow as well! Bare with me as I am just an armature writer and not experienced in the blogging world however I really feel like I want to use this avenue to share all the knowledge that I have. So take a look around and fill out our contact form or book your free 30 minute phone consult today!