We provide administrative and residential organizing to the Phoenix area!

Carie Gregorash – CEO, Professional Organizer

Carie started “organizing” at a young age but it wasn’t until someone literately told her she should be a professional organizer that she realized that her whole life experience both professional and personal has been training her for this moment. She quickly joined NAPO, NAPO-AZ, and IAPO in order to begin educating herself. She already earned her associates in both business management and accounting in preparation of running her own company someday and so everything fell into place. She began with continuing her education through the NAPO University where she completed 5 certificate badges. Her niche is administrative organizing for both small businesses and home offices. Her other specialty is understanding her clients and being able to translate what their needs and wants are into functional systems that provides both enhanced productivity and harmony.


Administrative Organizing

Residential Organizing

Offered 2 Ways

Pay As You Go – pay a deposit to hold the appointment. The deposit then goes towards the final bill due at the end of each appointment.

Prepaid Plan – purchase 5 or more hours in advanced for a lower rate per hour. The more hours your purchase the more you can save! Up to 50% off per hour! Purchase 25 hours or more at one time and lock that hourly rate in for lifetime even if hour rate per hour goes up! Plan must be paid in full at the time of purchase.

Our Mission

We partner with our clients to create unique organizing solutions that turn everyday discord into harmony.

Our Core Values


  • That family is of fundamental importance
  • That honesty is always the best policy and that trust has to be earned
  • That it is important to maintain a healthy work/life balance


  • Acting in an environmentally friendly way
  • Being innovative with our solutions
  • Helping our community

We STRIVE to be

  • Positive, Creative, Motivating, and Passionate in all that we do
  • Educated and up to date with the latest trends and laws.
  • Efficient, Effective, and Reliable for our clients!

Experience that’s relevant to you!

Personal Experience
She was raised to be accountable for her things and learned the consequences of not taking care of them properly. It wasn’t until she had kids and was running her own home that she realized how important it was to maintain systems and to be organized. She spent 8 years as a devoted homemaker to 5 kids.

She has experienced many life transitions such as marriages, divorce, births, deaths, blending/separating families, adding/removing pets, relocating near and far, and so many more. She feels like this experience allows her to connect on a more personal level with what her clients may be dealing with. This “been there” experience has allowed her to be able to use what she has learned and perfected over the many transitions to help create systems that will better the lives of her clients.

She battle chronic illness in the forms of Lupus and Sjogren’s Syndrome. The autoimmune diseases create an unpredictable day and she relies heavily on her systems and routines in order to maintain her health. She believes that discord can get in the way of being healthier and the first step to becoming healthier is to get the space you occupy in order. If your space is “healthy” it will naturally promote and inspire you to create healthier habits.

Professional Experience
She graduated College America with a 3.8 GPA and an Associates in both Business Management and Accounting. She knew from a young age that she wasn’t meant to work under someone and wanted to make sure she had a strong foundation to build a business on.

After graduation she fell back on what she was comfortable with. Administrative work. She never found an industry she really connected with nor did she ever find a company worth keeping a more permanent position for. She had been an independent contractor for most of her professional career and it suited her well. She loved to come into a brand new company and jump right in. She always found the employees didn’t mind when she “cleaned” up a bit and it was always a joy to work in the spaces she had recently “cleaned”. She built a reputation in Chicago for her organization and ability to produce a higher quality product then their “regular” employee. This was the talent waiting to be discovered and harnessed.

Combining them to create Harmonizing Solutions, LLC
After a lightbulb moment, Carie began her journey to becoming a professional organizer. She opened Harmonizing Solutions, LLC in 2020.