Teen Bedroom
Teen Bedroom
This is MY kitchen!!!
Condense boxes and stack inside one another to save valuable space!
My kids had a tornado run through their bedroom…Luckily I knew just how to fix it!!
This was my children’s disaster of a bedroom way back before I even knew that professional organizers existed!!!
This is my Pantry! As you can see it is very narrow but really deep. I use wired shelves on the right sides to store more and to hide the extra food that doesn’t fit in the containers yet…like cereal and crackers. The lazy Susan on the top allows me to store all my extras for everywhere else in the kitchen and since it is high up the lazy Susan makes it perfect to see what there is and easy to reach it.
I use these 3 purses regularly and wanted a clever and out of the way place to store them when I am not using them. Old shower hooks made it really pretty and I utilize space otherwise unnoticed.
Craft Room with a freestanding cabinet for all her business promotional items.
A better view of the craft room once the bigger boxes and racks were out of the way
I am so proud of my client!! She has an entire corner of her garage full of things to be sold at an upcoming garage sale! Imagine the room she will have once it’s all gone!
Stocking up on all those paper goods like toilet paper and paper towels, napkins, paper plates, and plastic utensils and so on really can take up space. Organizing like items in a clear container will control the chaos it can easily become while making it really easy to see what is where.
This laundry room is so cute and after a little bit of organization it really made it beautiful!

Bathroom Drawers tend to get cluttered easily when there are no compartments for all those small things. My client went and purchased a ton of these small plastic containers that fit amazing inside all the drawers and allowed me to really get all her beauty products organized!
Bathroom counters are usually really busy and full of the items we use all the time and even items that don’t belong. Getting her drawers organized made it really easy to clear off the counter so that she has a place to really work when getting ready!

This is the cabinet in the kitchen Island. it was full of a variety of things including snacks. Once we finished we made the island the party hub where she has most of her party pieces stored.
Spices and medicine take up a lot of room in most peoples cabinets. I simply combined the duplicate seasons and removed the packaged medicine that is labeled on the back from the boxes. This really opened up space. Using old Tupperware to keep things together makes it easy to find what she needs when she needs it

Under the kitchen sink is another area that tends to collect a lot of cleaning supplies, tools, and other “garage” or “bathroom” tools. I removed all the items and just arranged the extra items in the back and kept the items she is currently using near the front for easy access

Her trunk wasn’t really full of a lot of clutter but she needed a system in place for her to be able to keep some promotional items in her car handy when she is out and wants to hand them out. She was transporting them back and forth using a bag but she really wanted a more permanent solution. I set her up with a temporary system using boxes. She really liked it so she found these amazing gold baskets with handles that hold all the she needs and they are easy to move around.
This was a spare bedroom that she turned into her own personal dressing room! This was so much fun to watch and be part of!!! Clothes and fashion are very important for my client and she really deserves a place she can enjoy and feel inspired by. I only helped to create a vision and make sure she got what she wanted. She had help from a contractor with the painting and shelf installation.
We added a glam section for her to keep all her favorite super fancy ball gowns and evening dresses because they make her feel really amazing and they inspire her. The shoes are stacked and hung. her flats all hide under the hanging boots. She has added lighting to accent her shoe display! It looks fantastic!
We added to rows of short hanging for all her shirts and her closet is home to her pants and other dresses and skirts.
Linen closets generally get crammed with towels, bedding and all sorts of other accessories like candles, flashlights, other randomness that needs a home. I removed everything and folded what there was. In this case, it just needed a little organization and the items just needed to be folded. This was a super fun project and didn’t take a long time. It brought instant satisfaction to my client and that turns into motivation to get other areas organized!

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